Tanning & Juice Bar


Our goal is to provide you with the best tanning services in a fun and healthy environment! You will have the best indoor tanning experience with safe control on how much light your skin receives. Whether you are taking a “mini vacation” or getting ready for an actual vacation, the many tanning packages and options we provide will suit any need. Take your choice of two 20 minute beds or our 12 minute HEX booth.

Add unlimited tanning to your gym membership for a nominal up-charge! Other tanning packages and products available!

Juice Bar

Our juice bar has with the best choice for your pre and post-workout needs. Whether you are on a low cal/low carb diet, want to lose fat, gain lean muscle, or gain weight, our protein shakes are blended to perfection. Create your own shake tailored to your specific needs using your flavor choice mixed with whey protein and optional additional nutritional formulas.

If you’re looking for a nutrient rich shake or an enjoyable conversation, you will find it at them BFC juice bar!