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Personal Training

We have a the best Personal Trainers that will motivate you and help you reach your goals.  Meet our trainers! 

Group Fitness Classes

Everything is more fun with friends - including working out!  See the Group Fitness section of our site for a full class schedule and descriptions.

Shakes & Supplements

We offer a variety of supplements and we'd love to serve you a delicious protein shake to fuel your body after a killer sweat sesh!  Cheers!


Everything's better with a tan!  Going on a trip, just want to get a does of vitamin D?  A few minutes in "Florida" (one of our tanning beds) ought to do the trick!

Penske Truck Rental

Moving or just need to move some stuff?  We've got you covered.  Visit the Penske website for more details, or give us a call!

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