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register for classes >Here<

All class registration will be handled through the Setmore Website.  You can book classes 4 days in advance to the hour of the class.


Keep an eye out for "pop-classes" that will only be posted in the sign up app and on Facebook!



Les Mills BODYPUMP Classes and NEW Wavemaster Bags for boxing have arrived!

Summer schedule starting 


6:00 AM:  Spin - Caitlin Woodman

5:00 PM:  Spin - Kristina Bettencourt

5:30 PM:  Fit & Grit  - Dawn Terry

7:00 PM:  Yoga (60 minutes)  - Lisa Debrase


6:00 AM: Spin - Danielle Gaylor

5:30 PM:  Boxing Bootcamp - Danielle Gaylor

5:30 PM:  Spin - Chris Lalli

6:30 PM:  BODYPUMP - Lauren Hanson


6:00 AM:  Spin - Lauren Hanson

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Alternating Beth F & Laura T

5:30 PM:  Pyramid Class - Madison Gilbride


6:00 AM:  Tabata - Lauren Hanson 

5:30 PM:  BODYPUMP Express - Lauren Hanson

6:30 PM: Zumba 


6:15 AM:   Spin - Kim Gentile 

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Donna Collins


7:30 AM:  Spin - Kristina Bettencourt

7:30 AM:  Pop Up for Summer - BODYPUMP Express - Nancy Reynolds

8:30 AM: Pop Up for Summer  Spin - Nancy Reynolds

8:30 AM:  Extreme Core Boxing - Beth Morrison


8:30 AM:  Spin - Lauren Roche 

8:00 AM:  Pop Up for Summer Body Burn - Kristina Bettencourt

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Laura Tweedy

Class descriptions 


BODY BURN:  A powerful heart pumping duo of Cardio and Strength training all rolled into one!


BODYPUMP:  A full body, barbell class!  Burn out a muscle group at a time... High reps - build lean muscle!

BOXING BOOTCAMP:  Fun, fast paced, high intensity, athletic cardio workout.  With different workouts each week to help you reach your fitness goals.


EXTREME CORE BOXING:  Strengthen and tone your tooshie, thighs and whole core.  Kickboxing intervals will be added with jabs and hooks to tone and shape your arms!  All levels welcome!


FIT & GRIT: This full body jam session combines a strength & cardio training class using barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight to hit each muscle group.  An excellent full body workout combined great music and a high energy atmosphere! Leave your stress at the door and have some fun.

INTERVAL TRAINING:  Short bursts of cardio, with alternating Intervals of weights.

PYRAMID POWER:  This total body workout starts with one exercise and add exercise #2 and repeat....then add #3 and so on. Each set is made up of both strength and cardio-based exercises. Each exercise is 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest in between. Together we will work our way up and over the pyramid, building upon each exercise. It's a heck of a climb, but so worth it!

SPIN:  Fun, high-intensity cycling workout and a calorie blast like no other!  All levels welcome.  Let our instructors challenge you!  

TABATA:  20 seconds work, 10 seconds recovery in 4 minutes blocks.  Alternating strength and cardio drills, finishing up with abs!  You can do anything for 20 seconds and it will be over before you know it!

YOGA:  Stretches & yoga postures to increase joint strength, mobility and flexibility.  This class will help you prevent injury, increase core strength & improve posture & balance.


ZUMBA:  Do  we really need to explain?  Put your dancing sneakers on and get ready to have a good time and an amazing workout!


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