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register for classes >Here<

All class registration will be handled through the Setmore Website.  You can book classes 4 days in advance.


Keep an eye out for "pop-classes" that will only be posted in the sign up app and on Facebook!



Les Mills BODYPUMP Classes and NEW Wavemaster Bags for boxing have arrived!

schedule updated 5.15.23


6:00 AM:  Spin - Caitlin Woodman

5:00 PM:  Spin - Kristina Bettencourt

5:00 PM:  *Pop Up* Tabata  (MOST Mondays) - Lauren Hanson

6:00 PM:  Interval Training - Beth Frederico

6:00 PM:  Spin - Chris Lalli

7:00 PM:  Yoga (60 minutes)  - Lisa Debrase


5:30 PM:  TRX - Kati Moreau

5:30 PM:  Spin - Danielle Gaylor

6:30 PM:  BODYPUMP - Lauren Hanson


6:00 AM:  Spin - Lauren Hanson

7:00 AM:  *Pop Up* Spin (MOST Wednesdays) - Lauren Hanson

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Lisa Debrase

5:00 PM:  Boxing Bootcamp - Danielle Gaylor 

5:30 PM:  Spin - Kate Mullen

6:00 PM:  Wild Card - Kristina


6:30 AM:  *Pop Up* Tabata - Lauren Hanson (MOST Thursdays)

5:30 PM:  BODYPUMP Express - Lauren Hanson

6:30 PM: Zumba & once a month will be Step


6:15 AM:   Spin - Kim Gentile 

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Donna Collins

5:00 PM:  TRX - Beth Frederico


7:30 AM:  Spin - Kristina Bettencourt

7:30 AM:  BODYPUMP Express - Nancy Reynolds

8:30 AM:  Spin - Nancy Reynolds

8:30 AM:  Extreme Core Boxing - Beth Morrison


8:30 AM:  Spin - Lauren Roche 

8:00 AM:  Body Burn - Kristina Bettencourt

9:00 AM:  BODYPUMP - Laura Tweedy

Class descriptions 


BODY BURN:  A powerful heart pumping duo of Cardio and Strength training all rolled into one!


BODYPUMP:  A full body, barbell class!  Burn out a muscle group at a time... High reps - build lean muscle!

CARDIO BOOTCAMP:  Fun, fast paced, high intensity, athletic cardio workout.  With different workouts each week to help you reach your fitness goals.


EXTREME CORE BOXING:  Strengthen and tone your tooshie, thighs and whole core.  Kickboxing intervals will be added with jabs and hooks to tone and shape your arms!  All levels welcome!

INTERVAL TRAINING:  Short bursts of cardio, with alternating Intervals of weights.

TOTAL BODY TONING:  Low Impact toning exercises using light to moderate weights.  A fun class to keep you fit!

PUMP & SCULPT:   A weight bearing and resistance strength class… always changing…fun and challenging!

SPIN:  Fun, high-intensity cycling workout and a calorie blast like no other!  All levels welcome.  Let our instructors challenge you!

SPIN COMBO CLASS:  Power duo!  First 30 minutes muscle toning, second half Spin for lower body focus.  Participate in just spin or or the whole class.  

TABATA:  20 seconds work, 10 seconds recovery in 4 minutes blocks.  Alternating strength and cardio drills, finishing up with abs!  You can do anything for 20 seconds and it will be over before you know it!

TOTAL BODY CORE:  In this class you will work it all from head to toe, with an emphasis on your core.  Six pack city! 


WILD CARD:  A full body workout for all fitness levels.  If you like variety, this class is for you!  You will leave a hot sweaty mess!

YOGA:  Stretches & yoga postures to increase joint strength, mobility and flexibility.  This class will help you prevent injury, increase core strength & improve posture & balance.


ZUMBA:  Do  we really need to explain?  Put your dancing sneakers on and get ready to have a good time and an amazing workout!


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